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Michael McNevin: Blog

Hi visitors.

I'm typing with a sore right hand index knuckle. I broke my left hand middle finger last year, while journeying in the dark on wet stones to my art and music shop outhouse (yes, it's an outhouse, but it does have a flushing toilet). That finger is fine now, have been playing with it fine for months, and, the two month rest from pressing too many frets lead me to take up some glass slide playing on the danelectro - I'm not playing in open G or open D, just standard, but it's not too horrible! Anyway, today I helped my brother John move a recliner, the thing twisted in my hands as we tried to get it through a doorway in his apartment, and... it feels, eerily so, like the knuckle is broken, same but not as painful as the one I broke back in March or May or whenever it was. Took me 3 days to see a doctor with that last one, but I have a New Years Eve Gig tomorrow night, so, I may have to go see a doc for an Xray tomorrow, to see if it's broken. It doesn't hurt as bad as the other [...]
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