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Michael McNevin: Home

McNevcin & McClellan at Edsion (Cropped)

Welcome to the Michael McNevin page for touring, recordings, songwriting, aka Mudpuddle Music. And welcome also to The Mudpuddle Shop. The two Mudpuddles are totally different enterprises. Mudpuddle Music covers the touring and recording and songwriting side of life - scroll down a few paragraphs for a list of upcoming shows in 2016. The Mudpuddle Shop is a shoebox of a place where I host small concerts, jams, and workshops, an 1800s converted barbershop & pharmacy in downtown Niles.

Concert tours are in the works for 2016. Plenty of unbooked weekends through the year. Regions, clubs, festivals still TBD. Any festivals that do come up will likely include some club dates around them. I know I'm playing in Vegas in May. Don't Be Cruel, be muddy. keep reading for March & April dates in SoCal & NoCal, and for other news, facts, reflections. 

Muddy Muds.  
Good stuff in April and May for Mountain Folk, SoCalians, Livermore Campers, Baseball Fans in Vegas, and Utah Mechanics. And it is baseball season, I'll be singing the national anthem soon. Ohhhh say can I sing... the right words... ummm.. 

So the band is getting back together for a Roseville gig Sat April 2nd 7pm - McNevin & The Spokes at The Acoustic Den w/ Patrick McClellan, Travers Clifford, Juliet Gobert. Prior to the show at 2:30, tune into KVMR radio ( to listen online), a few of the Spokes are on live with host and pal Wesley Robertson. 
LA and San Diego - April 8th & 9th. The 8th is a Cobill with the Dale LaDuke Band at Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, please tell your Southern CA friends! April 9th is a 20 act extravaganza at the Poway Center Of Performing Arts for "O Berkley Where Hart Thou?" - recreating the famous movie soundtrack in a 1000 seat theater - It's almost sold out, jump on tix soon. 

The NoCal beat goes on, w
eekend of April 16 & 17 I'm back in Fremont. Saturday the 16th is The Flight Wine Bar on Washington Blvd. And Sunday afternoon the 17th is a Mudpuddle Shop Show and song swap, featuring The Keller Sisters PLUS Dakota Sid Clifford and special sets, and of course Los Horribles ride again. 

April 22-24, the Two Day Town Music Fest is upon us. Livermore on Lake Del Valle, 1500 campers and musicians howling at the moon. McNevin & The Spokes play the MainStage on Saturday at 2pm-ish. We'll be camping and jamming on the 22nd and 24th too, which is half the fun, maybe even most of it. 

April flowers bring May sands. O
n the cooker for May -  Vegas at Garage Ma Hall, Cedar City at a comedy club, Parowan in a living room. Also slated to sing the national anthem for the Las Vegas "Area 51s" MLB Mets minor league team...  might be abducted and probed...   

Get muddy  ~ Michael 
April & May details below, pretty pictures below all that. 

Michael McNevin web site:  
Michael McNevin Facebook: 
Watch the Facbook page for other short notice shows, jams, gatherings. 
Sat April 2nd, 7pm
Roseville, CA 
The Acoustic Den
McNevin & The Spokes in concert. 
Plus cameos by Juliet Gobert,
Patrick McClellan on Bass, Travers Clifford on Dobro/Mando
10271 Fairway Dr, # 120 Roseville, CA 
(916) 412-8739 
$10-20 sliding donation, give what you can
Acoustic Den Facebook Page:
Facebook Event Page to share/invite:
Fri April 8th 
LA / Altadena
Sat April 9th in San Diego / Poway.
April 8th at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. 
Cobill with Michael McNevin & Dale LaDuke. 
Dale will have a combo playig with him, freinds jumping up on my tunes as well. Really nice listening venue, been around since 1972. 2029 N. Lake, Altadena CA (626) 789-6236. $15.
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Sat April 9th 
Poway CA
Poway Center For The Performing Arts 
O Berkley, Where Hart Thou?
1000 seat theater, 20 artists recreate the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Twists on the originals, and a back up bluegrass band. The brain child of friends and songwriters Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart. 
15498 Espola Rd, Poway, CA 92064
(858) 748-0505
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Tues April 12th  7-9pm
Niles, CA 
Mudpuddle Shop Songwriter Group
Peer to Peer, drop in, no RSVPs required. 
Hatch ideas, critique new songs, try on new prompts. 
Late comers ok, give what you can to the baskets.
37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA 94536 
Sat April 16th  8pm
Fremont CA 
Flight Wine Bar & Cafe 
McNevin & Friends
1596 Washington Blvd, Fremont, CA. 
Fremont music and wine lovers. Flight Wine Bar is in the Mission San Jose district, a couple doors down from Mission Pizza on Washington Blvd. Mellow atmosphere, fun and casual, nice leather chairs & couches. Good food, wine selection, flights, pairings, and quite a few microbrews. Come and go anytime. Mix of covers and originals. It's not a concert, the tip jar will be out. Here's the FB event page URL to share and invite:
Sun April 17th  2-6pm
Niles, CA 
The Mudpuddle Shop 
Keller Sisters PLUS Dakota Sid Clifford
37433 NIles Blvd Fremont CA. 
$10-20 sliding donation. 
A Sunday Afternoon mudpuddle shop jam, with showcases by The Keller Sisters plus special guest Dakota Sid Clifford. Los Horribles song swap starts it from 2-3:15-ish, then an opening showcase by folk legend Sid Clifford. Jam some more, and then intersperse another showcase set with The Keller Sisters, with more swapping between and after, etc, Rinse and Repeat. Get Muddy. Other special guests likely. RSVPs encouraged, especially for the 3-5pm time frame when the main attractions are showcasing in the house. The Pre and Post Jams are open ended. Listeners and pickers all welcome to crash the party any time and grab any open seats. 
Here's a FB Event Page for more info:  
Sat April 23rd  2pm
Livermore, CA 
Two Day Town Music Festival 
McNevin & The Spokes
MainStage slot on Saturday Afternoon
Lots of music all weekend on multiple stages
Camping, jamming day and night, close to home,
1500 Folks attend, and is a 'Hometown' gathering.
Tix Here:
FB Event Here:  
Looking ahead - quite a few house concerts in the first half of May: 
May 7th in Niles, CA 
Buddy Mondlock/Michael McNevin Concert 
? Wed May 11th LA ? 
Venue TBA,  OR on to Vegas 
Wed May 11th in Vegas NV 
Sing National Anthem for "Area 51s" MLB game. 
May 12th in Parawan, UT  
McNevin House Concert at Corey & Lisa's 
May 13th in Cedar City, UT 
McNevin Concert at "Off The Cuff Improv" 
May 14th - Las Vegas, NV 
McNevin House Concert "Garage Ma Hall"

Good news, facts, and reflections.

I have some booking help in the personage of Ximena Dussan. She's based in South Pasadena, works closely with songwriting buddy Brad Colerick at "Deepmix". As an indie artist, it's great to have a little help - thank you agent X. If you're reading this and have an inkling to book me somewhere, contact me or contact Ximena - (310) 663-0947  Ximena at  deepmix  dot   com, or info  at  michaelmcnevin  dot  com. 

2015 was a blast. Played a boatload of music festivals - Kerrville, Strawberry, Redwood Ramble, High Sierra, American River Music Fest to name a few. One of the most enjoyable festival seasons ever. Also got to tour Denmark and Sweden - an amazing trip, unforgettable places, and beautiful people - the DK and SE songwriters there really went above and beyond to make the trip wonderful and fruitful. Also made it back to Texas a few times, the stomping grounds of so many good music times over the last 25 years. Gigged California a bunch of course too, tip to tail. Hoping 2016 is just as busy.

It's a joy to get on the road, but it takes concerts to get on it. I've been playing a lot locally with side players in "The Spokes", but touring is another animal, usually a solo endeavor. Hop on a plane Thursday, land at O'Hare or DFW or some other port, play Fri-Sat-Sun, and fly home Monday. An easy and fun way to survive and thrive - the house concert craze. They happen all over the US and abroad, and can be added to the gig list at any time - by you. Keep reading for a little extra push on that. House Concerts or Yard Concerts, why and what. Songwriters, often travel solo on tour. It is a major staple in the indie touring life now. I do them all over the country, often the bread and butter of any given weekend tour. Want to host one? Great. If you live in Chicago or Florida or New England Or Texas, you just need a decent sized living room or a yard. Pick the day, invite your friends and neighbors, and the rest is a cake walk. Snacks and refreshments can be potluck. There can be an optional pre-concert songwriter workshop. And an optional after jam is usually a fun way to end the night if there are local musicians wanting to unwind. It's an intimate and unique cultural happening that brings people together. Write me or Ximena to spark one up.

In between tours I host occasional Mudpuddle Shop concerts, song swaps, jams, workshops, and poker games. For 10 years now, some pretty magical stuff been going on inside this shoebox of a place. The Mudpuddle Shop is a small 15x15 shack in the front yard of a Victorian house on Niles Blvd. It seats 30 bodies and a dog. The shop events don't always get listed on this site. To best keep up on shop shenanigans, visit my personal Facebook page and "Friend" me. Then watch for the Mudpuddle Shop events as they show up on the FB wall. Here's my Facebook Page address.