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Welcome to the Michael McNevin page for touring, recordings, and other things at Mudpuddle Music, ink. 2014 is busy! Sometimes you can find random concert info pasted below, and, a lot of concert updates also end up at the Facebook Page (esp the short notice ones) - visit and be 'friends' -- some stuff just don't make it in here! 

Hi Mudheads, 
Fall is here, chestnuts and avocados are falling, along with a damn big tree branch. 
The gist of Oct 2013 gigs is below, NoCal and SoCal. This weekend is 'Das Brew' Brewery on Friday and The Mudpuddle Shop on Sunday, both in Fremont. The rest of the month includes stuff at The Bistro in Hayward, Livermore Artwalk 2pm + evening showcases at Harry's Hofbrau, Cinnabar Winery in Saratoga, Treasures Roadhouse in Watsonville, Strings in Emeryville with Maurice Tani & Caren Armstrong, Cypress Meadows above Half Moon Bay, a Yard Concert in Santa Barbara at Susan Marie Reeves, The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena with Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements, an SF House Concert at Nina Jo's house, and two very special Mudpuddle Shop Shows w/ The Red Shoes CD Release Party & a Halloween Day Of The Dead concert w/ ArtemesiaBlack (Gothic swamp lullabies about ghosts and dead people by Kenny and Sabine Schick). BOOOoooooo...). 2nd and 4th Thursday Songwriter Workshops continue in Niles and Los Gatos. If you see a date not booked, a house or yard concert can be rigged. Most events don't have Facebook Event Pages yet, but they will. Keep an eye on this Facebook Event Page for updates on the month - The regular Facebook Page has spur of the moment stuff too - , and the old fashioned website is 
Fri Oct 4 
"Das Brew" Brewery in Fremont
5-9pm - No Cover (Yet). 
A very busy outside brew fest. 
44356 South Grimmer Blvd 94538 
(510) 270 5345
Sun Oct 6
Niles, CA - Mudpuddle Shop Concert 7:30
w/ Jonah Smith & Andy Stack from NY. $10-20
RSVP: (510) 794-9935 *
Thur Oct 10
Niles, CA -Mudpuddle Shop SongWriters Group 7pm
37433 Niles Blvd, Fremont CA 94536 $10-20 sliding
(510) 794-9935
Fri Oct 11 
Hayward, CA - The Bistro w/ Spokes & Horribles 8pm 
1001 B St. Hayward, CA 
Sat Oct 12
Livermore, CA - Livermore Art Walk - 2pm
All day music in front of Bankhead Theater
Sat Oct 12 
Livermore, CA - The Carvery at Harry's Hofbrau 6-9pm
Artwalk Afterburn - dinner and beers w/ musicians & volunteers, 
Featuring Multiple Mini Showcases
Sun Oct 13 
Saratoga, CA - Cinnabar Winery Winebar 2-4pm
Sun Oct 13 
Watsonville CA - Treasures Roadhouse 6-10pm 
Several acts, McNevin does the 8pm set
Wed Oct 16 
Emeryville, CA - "Celebrating Songwriters" at Strings 8pm 
w/ Maurice Tani & Caren Armstrong
Fri Oct 18 
Moss Beach, CA - Cypress Meadows Concert Series 
Beautiful, just above Half Moon Bay, and 30 mins south of SF. 
Seats 40? 650-728-8045,
Sat Oct 19
Santa Barbara, CA - Yard Concert at Susan's place
W/ Susan Marie & Sierra Reeves
4pm Potluck, 5pm show, jam afterward. 
(805) 708-9088
Sun Oct 20
Altadena, CA - Coffee Gallery Backstage 
Cobill w/ Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements
(626) 798-6236
Thur Oct 24
Los Gatos, CA - Woodshed Songwriter Group 7pm
$20. All levels, walk ups welcome. 
Fri Oct 25 
Niles, CA - The Mudpuddle Shop 8pm 
CD Release Concert for The Red Shoes $10-20
The sisters Lucia & Flavia on fiddle and cello are growing up
Their first CD, get your seats while they last. 
37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA 94536 
(510) 794-9935
Fri Nov 1 
Niles, CA - Mudpuddle Shop Day Of The Dead Show 
ArtemesiaBlack have a great collection of ghost songs.
Americana Gothic Swamp Lullabies, spooky stuff.  
(Sabiné Heusler-Schick & Kenny Schick). It happens during a 
town-wide celebration w/ many D-o-D altars. 7-10pm at the shop. 
37433 Niles Blvd Fremont CA 94536 
(510) 794-9935
Sat Nov 2
Saratoga, CA - Cinnabar Winery 5:30-7:30
In The Mudd Room.
Sun Nov 3
SF, CA- House Concert at Nina Jo's place 
Contact Nina Jo for RSVPs:
NOV                   Wanna host a House or Yard Concert?
DEC                    Open dates in October and beyond.
Ongoing Monthly Stuff At The Mudpuddle, The Woodshed, Etc: 
Ongoing Monthly 2nd Thursday Songwriter Group at The Mudpuddle Shop, 7pm:
"Works In Progress" $12-15 sliding. Share tunes and ideas, write new songs or revive old ones. This is mainly a "peer to peer" Mudpuddle Shop gathering for song sharing and feedback, but we also try monthly song challenges, techniques, prompts, 'workshop' content. Open to anyone, and all levels. Members of West Coast Songwriters Association do get a discount. Early arrivals can mingle some. 7pm we start swapping songs. Commuters arrive/leave as needed. Bring a few extra lyrics sheets if possible. CD of song is also ok if you don't want to perform yourself. BYO. (510) 794 9935  
Ongoing Outside of Niles:
Monthly 4th Thursday Songwriting Group at The Woodshed in Los Gatos, $20 donation.
Woodshed is located inside Keith Holland Guitars store, lots going on! 
16905 Roberts Rd  Los Gatos, CA 95032  408.395.0767
For RSVPs, Workshops, Lessons, Questions, Directions:
The Mudpuddle Shop 
37433 Niles Blvd Fremont, CA 94536 
(510) 794-9935

Any open dates through Summer & Fall 2014 can become a house concert. Host one! Pretty easy, a group of friends and neighbors get together in a decent sized living room, pretend you're at a venue, but you don't have to fight for parking or pay a lot of money for drinks and food. Intimate and fun, the bread and butter of most of the songwriters touring. Write, or call 510 794-9935, or say hi on the facebook page to set one up. 

Get Muddy,   ~ Michael


2014 is off and running.
House and Yard Concerts R Us.
Wanna add a concert to your own town, or your own house? Always looking, always booking. 'House Concerts' are simple - get a few friends & family together, have a concert in your living room. It's the in thing. 

Songwriter Workshops for all levels.

Ongoing Monthly "2nd Thursday Songwriter Group" at The Mudpuddle Shop, 7pm. Share tunes and ideas, write new songs or revive old ones, generate ideas. Casual, fun, "peer to peer" gathering for song sharing and feedback. Song challenges, techniques, prompts, 'workshop' content. Open to anyone, and all levels, Newcomers, one-timers, regulars. No RSVP required, just show up. BYO. (510) 794 9935  $10-20 sliding donation. 

Mudpuddle Shop Membership Drive. The shop is entering it's 8th year of concerts & music making, hard to believe. It's hosted 100+ listening concerts of nationally touring acts, and many local bay area talent as well. And, 300+ Song Circles, Workshops, Jams, and special events. We get together there a lot, we have a ball, but it's not a Bill Graham operation, more like a community living room. Two years ago we did a Mudpuddle Membership Drive which helped keep my out of pocket losses down and the doors open, 50 or so people kicked in a little bit and it added up. Here is your invitation to support an ongoing artistic oasis for musicians and the Niles community.Stop by the shop in person, or drop something in the mail, and that's about it. $5 per month, $10 per month? That's a $60 or $120 check to cover a year. Do more, do less, do something in between, whatever you'd like. Perks and Premiums TBD. Donations go toward rent, utils, supplies, and occasional chairs and instruments we wear out :-) 
Check payable to:   "Mudpuddle Music". 
Mail to:      37433 Niles Blvd Fremont, CA 94536. 


Kickstarter Campaign in 2014 and/or a Benefit Concert to launch Mudpuddle Shop streaming technology. The Mudpuddle Shop will is rolling into 2014 with a new head of steam, fueled by things called The Innerweb. Elbow grease, PR, good music, and a packed house usually makes up for rent & utils & living wages, but not in a place the size of a shoebox. The puddle has it's challenges. There are some advantages - it's small and easy to sell out, the overhead isn't huge. Watch for a "Kickstarter" campaign, or something like it, to help the Mudpuddle Shop launch streaming technology. The possibility is now here where bandwidth and hardware affordably allow a small venue like The Mudpuddle to stream concerts to a larger concert audience at home in their living rooms. Bodes well for a 15'x15' concert hall that seats 30 bodies and a dog. 



For RSVPs, Workshops, Lessons, Questions, Directions:  The Mudpuddle Shop 37433 Niles Blvd Fremont, CA 94536  (510) 794-9935