“I don’t know what’s best about ‘Sketch’ - Michael McNevin’s music or his Etch-A-Sketch drawings that accompany each song. McNevin is a singer songwriter of the highest order...” ~ Acoustic Guitar Magazine “Secondhand Story” is an evocative peek into a stranger’s life.” ~ Chicago Tribune “The talent of Michael McNevin lies in his ability to extract juicy bits of life from his surroundings and let a tale unravel from each one.” ~ The Performing Songwriter Magazine “...heard you on the KFOG acoustic Sunday morning show ...bagging groceries and an Etch-A-Sketch. Two of my historical accomplishments — dig the tunes.” ~ Tony Bennett “The word riveting aptly describes Michael McNevin’s performance. His voice is one that stays with you after a show. This guy’s going somewhere.” ~ Good Times, Santa Cruz “Michael is one of folk music’s best kept secrets. His voice is hypnotic, his guitar playing superb...” ~ Christine Lavin “McNevin is a charming live performer, and much of his success may be due to his warm, humorous stage presence. Standouts include ‘Busy Life’. ‘Jersey Jail’ is another gem… finely wrought lyrics, astute observations…” ~ Bluegrass by the Bay “I’m pleased to say the advance publicity and the promise I heard on the Waterbug compilation were both entirely justified by the music in ‘Secondhand Story’. This is very classy stuff.” ~ Victory Review, Seattle “McNevin has moved to the forefront of the New-Folk movement. Captivating stories told with heart against a backdrop of clean, optimistic guitar.” ~ Brian Turhorst, KVMR Radio “Probably the most played tape in my car this year. This is one of the finest sets of original material the ‘’90s will see." ~ Kerrville Kronikle, England The talent of Michael McNevin lies in his ability to extract juicy bits of life from his surroundings and let a tale unravel from each one." ~ Performing Songwriter Magazine McNevin, whose cynical-hopeful lyrics, and funky semi-cover of Paul Simon's 'The Boxer' (with hysterical new lyrics and a new title, 'The Taxer') made him a crowd favorite at the High Sierra Music Festival. His childhood baseball tale, 'The Pride of Niles-Centerville', was another that captured imaginations." ~ Village View, L.A. In his songs, McNevin paints scenes and situations as clear as his Etch A Sketch compositions. He uses plain and unpretentious language and yet vividly creates a reality instantly recognizable to all of us." ~ Rosalie Howarth, KFOG Radio, SF Michael McNevin has been kicking around from coast to coast for years now, a maven who delights his audiences with story-songs and patter... Here are sketches of people, places, and events... a bang-up good collection." ~Sing Out! Magazine His voice, exquisite melodies, flowing guitar lines - it's all light as a feather. Even when the subject matter is dark, the song goes way up in the air." ~ Dirty Linen Magazine McNevin picks up songs like furniture picks up dust." ~ Reporter News, Abiline, TX”